Stars & Stripes: 4 Ways to Rock Black & White


Workplace casual, school-appropriate, & star-friendly all at the same time.

Recently I was asked how I choose and buy my clothes to attend fancy events and go to school, so this is the first in a series of posts about my style!

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Where do I get my clothes? My favorite section of any store: SALE! There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment walking away with discounted dresses and marked-down tees that make a killer wardrobe. Or, I wait until prices drop in the online store.

This post is all about the times I wore bold stripes to meet the stars. Take a look below at 4 different ways you can rock a zebra pattern, matching the same basic long-sleeve shirt with different jackets, hats, skirts, and accessories.


1. OVERALL, It Was a Good Time


Circa 2014, in front of the Disney Animation Building!

Throw on some overalls with knee-high stockings and you’ve got a look that’ll make heads turn. This combination certainly worked for me when I attended the Big Hero 6 Press Junket on the Disney Studios Lot.

I’ll never forget the time when Ryan Potter said he loved my outfit. So did Damon Wayans Jr. During the press conference/roundtable, he looked in my general direction and said, “That’s an awesome outfit!” I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me, so I turned around. Then everyone laughed and he said, “I’m talking to you!”

Striped Snapback: Amazon

Black Leather Overalls: Forever 21

Striped Long-Sleeve: Bebe


Ryan Potter (voice of Hiro) and me, circa 2014!


2. Stripes & Plaid & Black Denim?!


Circa 2015.

Twas a cold and rainy day when I stepped onto the carpet for the Radio Disney Music Awards. But this look made sure I survived the elements and completed my job as a reporter!

Plaid and stripes? A daring combination. But it’s one that works.

Also, black looks good with red.

Batman Snapback: Amazon

Black Denim Jacket: Papaya

Striped Long-Sleeve: Bebe

Red & Black Plaid Skirt: Papaya


3. An Even Warmer Look


Circa 2017.

Come to think of it, I should have worn my Batman snapback to this event! But this scarf-skirt combo makes up for it.

Red Scarf: Macy’s

Striped Long-Sleeve: Guess

Red Flare Skirt: Express


Me with Director of the Lego Batman Movie, Chris McKay, circa 2017.


4. Sleeveless Crop Top


Circa 2017.

Octavia Spencer said my outfit was on point. I said, “You look good too for 10am on a Thursday,” and she said, “Yeah, but I got a team! You don’t!”

Get your A game on with a simple crop top over your striped long-sleeve.

Oh, and don’t forget to put on a hair accessory! In my case, it was a Captain America bow!

Sleeveless Black Crop Top: Forever 21

Striped Long-Sleeve: Guess

Red & Black Plaid Skirt: Papaya

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 5.04.10 PM

We look good. Me and Octavia Spencer at the Gifted press junket. Circa 2017.


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