14915634_1148651715218887_5013902777670540694_nWelcome to Second Star Cass!

The name of this blog is inspired by a J.M. Barrie quote: “Second star to the right and straight on ’till morning.” I’ve always wondered, second star to the right of what? To me this quote represents the promise of adventure and magic. It prioritizes the journey over the destination.

I’m excited to share my adventures with you as I continue to embrace what I love most: storytelling. I am an artist, writer, playwright, poet, screenwriter, journalist, and lover of all things Peter Pan. I love traveling, all things Marvel, and fuzzy socks.

Impressions is a series I started to chronicle the indelible impact certain places have left on me. I will never be able to fully know or capture a place with my words, so these pieces will come across as Monet’s paintings do: soft, blurry-edged, cohesive only from a distance.

Class With Cass chronicles my thoughts about school, college, social life, etc. I am a sophomore at Yale University. This series is alternatively known as Cass With Class.

You can visit www.pinterest.com/starreporter for more of my journalistic work!

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